UNI World Athletes

The World Players' Association across Professional Sport

UNI World Athletes is a worldwide collective of 85,000 athletes through major player associations including FIFPro (the world footballers’ association), the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations, the International Rugby Players’ Association, EU Athletes, the National Basketball Players' Associations, the National Women's Basketball Players' Association, the National Football League Players Association, the National Hockey League Players Association, the Japanese Professional Baseball Players Association and the Australian Athletes’ Alliance.

Athletes under the umbrella of UNI World Athletes are based in over 60 countries and belong to over 100 different player associations. They work in sports including football, cricket, rugby, ice hockey, American football, baseball, basketball, handball, rugby league, cycling, volleyball, Gaelic sports, netball, horse racing (jockeys) and Australian football.

The President of UNI World Athletes is Donald Fehr (United States), the Executive Director of the National Hockey League Players Association, and former long serving Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Mr Fehr chairs a ten member executive committee which includes player association leaders from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia/Oceania. Legally, UNI World Athletes is established as an autonomous sector of UNI Global Union.

UNI World Athletes Rules

From 2011 to 2014, UNI World Athletes was known as UNI Sport PRO.