UNI World Athletes

UNI World Athletes Executive Committee (From left to right): Don Fehr (NHLPA, President), Theo van Seggelen (FIFPro, 1st Vice President), DeMaurice Smith (NFLPA), Jean François Reymond (EU Athletes, Vice President), Takuya Yamazaki (JPBPA), Omar Hassanein (IRPA), Brendan Schwab (Head of UNI World Athletes), Dejan Stefanovic (FIFPro), Frederique Winia (FIFPro), Tony Irish (FICA) and Paul Marsh (AAA)

The ten member Executive Committee of UNI World Athletes includes representatives from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia/Oceania. It presently comprises:

  • President Donald Fehr (United States), the Executive Director of the National Hockey League Players Association, and former long serving Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association



  • Three nominees from the 65,000 player strong world footballers’ association, FIFPro:
    • Theo van Seggelen (The Netherlands), the Secretary General of FIFPro (1st Vice President)
    • Dejan Stefanovic (Slovenia), FIFPro Board member
    • Frederique Winia (The Netherlands), the Director of International Relations of FIFPro.


  • Tony Irish (South Africa), the Executive Chairman of Federation of International Cricketers Associations


  • Paul Marsh (Australia), the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Football League Players’ Association and a Board member of the Australian Athletes’ Alliance



  • Omar Hassanein (Ireland), Board member  of the International Rugby Players' Association


  • Jeff Reymond (France), the General Secretary of EU Athletes (Vice President)


  • DeMaurice Smith (United States), the Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association


  • Takuya Yamazaki (Japan), lawyer and Board member, Japanese Professional Baseball Players' Association (JPBA)


Mr Yamazaki joined the Executive Committee in November 2015, following the sad passing of the late Toru Matsubara, the Executive Director of the JPBPA. A tribute to Mr. Matsubara can be found here.