UNI World Athletes

UNI World Athletes Head Brendan Schwab is a co-founder of the Australian Athletes’ Alliance (AAA), which represents eight player unions and over 3,500 athletes in sports such as Australian football (AFL), basketball, rugby union, rugby league, cricket, netball, horse racing (jockeys) and football. He helped establish Professional Footballers Australia (PFA), serving as Chief Executive and General Counsel while advancing its progression and the reform of Australian soccer during the past 20 years.

On a global level, Schwab has played an instrumental role for FIFPro in protecting the rights of professional footballers in Asia and Oceania, serving in various capacities including as a board member, Vice President and Chairman of FIFPro Division Asia/Oceania.

In announcing Schwab’s appointment to the position in July 2015, UNI World Athletes President Donald Fehr said, “UNI World Athletes needs an executive of proven experience and dedication. We are thrilled that Brendan has agreed to come on board. He brings both obvious talent and long experience to our efforts, having represented and advocated for athletes from many countries for decades. He will be integral to our success in the years to come.”

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