Don Fehr (Canada), the Executive Director of the NHLPA (President)

Theo van Seggelen (The Netherlands), the Secretary General of FIFPro (First Vice President)

Tony Irish (South Africa), the Executive Chairman of FICA (Vice President)

Michele Roberts (United States), the Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) (Vice President)

Tony Clark (United States), the Executive Director of the MLBPA

Omar Hassanein (Ireland), the Chief Executive Officer of International Rugby Players

Terri Jackson (United States), the Executive Director of the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA)

Paul Marsh (Australia), Board member of the Australian Athletes Alliance (AAA)

DeMaurice Smith (United States), the Executive Director of the NFLPA

Dejan Stefanovic (Slovenia), FIFPro

Paulina Tomczyk (Belgium), the General Secretary of EU Athletes

Frederique Winia (The Netherlands), the Director Member Services of FIFPro

Takuya Yamazaki (Japan), Legal Counsel and Board Member of the JPBPA

Brendan Schwab (Executive Director)

Christy Hoffman, the General Secretary of the UNI Global Union (ex officio).



World Players President Donald Fehr is the Executive Director of the NHLPA, a position he held from December 18, 2010. Since joining the NHLPA, Don has focused his efforts on building active participation by players in their union, and has travelled extensively to meet and consult with players around the league.

Prior to joining the NHLPA, Don spent 33 years with the Major League Baseball Players Association – the last 26 as Executive Director. Don has brought the same goals to the NHLPA that he maintained with the MLBPA by keeping the players involved and informed and developing a strong consensus on all important issues. In 2012/13 he kept his constituents united in negotiating through the 113-day NHL Owners’ lockout. Over his time with the MLBPA, Don successfully maintained unity through one lockout and two strikes; litigated the collusion cases of the 1980s which led to the owners paying $280 million in damages to the players; won the bad-faith bargaining case that ended the 1994/95 strike and subsequently negotiated an agreement and negotiated new agreements with MLB in 2002 and 2006. These achievements resulted in an extended era of uninterrupted play and new levels of stability in baseball labour relations.

He was elected as the first President of World Players at its inaugural world assembly held in Cape Town in December 2014.

Executive Director

The World Players Association unites 85,000 players across professional sport through more than 100 player associations in over 60 countries.

Its Executive Director Brendan Schwab brings expertise in organising, labour and human rights law, collective bargaining and dispute resolution, particularly in professional team sports, after 25 years in leading major player associations and representing elite athletes in Australia and around the world.

Before assuming his current position in July 2015, Brendan played an instrumental role for FIFPro, the world footballers association, in supporting players throughout the world. He served FIFPro as a board member, Vice President and as Chair of FIFPro Asia/Oceania. He acted as a judge of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and, as a member of the FIFA Players’ Status Committee, helped drive FIFA’s ban of the third-party ownership of players.

Brendan co-founded and led the Australian Athletes’ Alliance, which represents eight player associations and over 3,500 athletes in sports such as Australian rules, basketball, rugby union, rugby league, cricket, netball, horse racing and football. He also co-founded Professional Footballers Australia (PFA), serving as Chief Executive and General Counsel while advancing its profession and the reform of the Australian football industry. This saw the creation of a new professional league, Australia’s engagement with Asia and the creation of programs to support the holistic development of players during and after their athletic careers.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Business Administration.

The Rules of the World Players Association

The World Players Association is established as an autonomous sector of UNI Global Union.

World Players Rules.