Equal Opportunities


The objective of the campaign is to achieve our resolution for women’s representation that was adopted at the Nagasaki Congress in order to improve the gender balance.

The campaign "40for40" is aiming to get signatures from a minimum of 40 union leaders in the 4 regions of UNI Global Union in support of the UNI plan to ensure that at least 40% of seats are held by each gender in all UNI decision-making structures and in their own organizations.

40for40 website

Breaking the Circle of Violence

The Equal Opportunities office at UNI launched the Break the Circle! campaign against gender violence. As gender inequality causes gender violence, and violence only increases inequality, help us Break the Circle!

The campaign objective is not only to reflect on gender violence and its causes but also to provide action tools to the true protagonists of this change: men and women who, day in day out, struggle for a fairer and more equitable world for all.

Breaking the Circle website

That’s Why!

Is a campaign that aims to recognize the work and effort of thousands of women workers who fight actively to improve the quality of life in our societies, to make it fairer and more equal. It aims to become a source of inspiration for other women who wish to participate by becoming activists.

That's Why website

Mentoring Program

In 2013 the UNI Department for Equal Opportunities launched a Mentoring Program targeting women from the four regions of UNI Global Union.

This program aims to encourage young women trade unionists to get involved in the international trade union work.

Mentoring website

Equal Pay

Women and men have the right to receive equal remuneration for work of equal value. Not only should men and women get equal pay for doing the same or a similar job, but also when they do work that is completely different but which, based on objective criteria, is of equal value.

Equal Pay is a recognized human right to which all men and women are entitled and it is vital for the creation of quality jobs. By recognizing women and the vital role they play in both employment markets and economic growth, we are providing not only greater profitability to the economy but we are also promoting social justice and equal opportunities.

Equal Pay website

Women's Health

In 2014, and as part of the motions presented at the UNI World Women's Conference in Cape Town, Women's Health was presented as a motion.

Health is a universal human right, that's why, irrespective of religion, age, or where we live, we have a right to the information and healthcare services that allow us  to care for our bodies and our quality of life.

Since women represent half of the world's population, the well-being of this half of humanity will have a direct impact on the development of our societies. To raise awareness on the importance of taking care of women's health, UNI Equal Opportunities has created a campaign called "Healthier women, stronger world" because we believe that it is women who drive the world and it is in the best interest of societies to keep them safe and healthy.

Women's Health website (http://en.uni-womens-health.org)