Teleperformance exiting “highly egregious” content moderation business not a panacea


Teleperformance exiting “highly egregious” content moderation business not a panacea

Following the news that Teleperformance is exiting the “highly egregious part of the trust and safety business,” UNI Global Union has issued the following statement:

The recent scandals around content moderation at Teleperformance are symptoms rather than the root of its problems. The company’s due diligence failures and anti-union practices have been well documented and go far beyond this segment of work.

 Content moderators are vital to a safer internet, and the company could do this important work responsibly by implementing robust health and safety programs as well as engaging with unions on local, national and global levels.

 These invisible Teleperformance workers—doing an essential job—deserve better. They deserve humane treatment and to have their rights respected.

Teleperformance’s announcement comes in the wake of two scandals involving content moderators for TikTok in Colombia and the United States. Earlier this month, the Colombian Vice-Minister of Labour announced an investigation into the company.

In March, UNI Global Union released the Not a Great Place to Work report, detailing many of the long-standing issues at Teleperformance.

 UNI Global Union represents skills and service workers in 150 countries—including 3 million in Information, Communications, Technology and Services. 


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