Teleperformance workers in the Philippines are enduring “subhuman” conditions


Teleperformance workers in the Philippines are enduring “subhuman” conditions

In powerful article today, the Financial Times is reporting that Amazon Ring contractors who work for Teleperformance in the Philippines are sleeping in makeshift beds in close quarters inside a Cebu City contact centre.

Teleperformance instituted this policy after Cebu City restricted travel in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Workers on the Amazon Ring account say they are expected to stay at the contact centre for 30 days—with only trips to the grocery store and a nearby hotel to shower permitted.

The FT obtained a letter to company manage from workers on the ground. Workers said conditions had become “subhuman” and that if they did not agree to stay at Teleperformance facility, that they would not be paid.

“Our choices are only between going to work or else to starve,” the letter said. “And you are all aware that in this desperate time, we will choose the former. But that does not excuse you from your responsibility to treat [us] fairly, as human beings.”

UNI General Secretary Christy Hoffman was quoted as saying:

“While it is not unprecedented for some number of call centre workers to stay overnight, housing hundreds of workers for weeks in extremely close quarters during a pandemic is a tragedy waiting to happen.

“Teleperformance and clients like Amazon are responsible for providing workers safe, sanitary work conditions, and if they cannot do so, workers should not have to suffer because of their failure.”

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