Unions from around the world support striking Teleperformance workers in Tunisia and France


Unions from around the world support striking Teleperformance workers in Tunisia and France

UPDATE: With the help of government mediation, the UGT-Tunisia was able to reach an agreement and their strike is cancelled. Read more here.

NYON, Switzerland, and PARIS—In a global show of solidarity, the Teleperformance Trade Union Alliance is issuing the following statement in support of workers who will strike in Tunisia and France on the 24 and 25 of March. The alliance, comprised of 21 national unions, is also standing with Teleperformance workers in Morocco who will protest on these days.

“Teleperformance has profited during the pandemic. The Paris-based contact centre giant has seen record revenue, ballooning executive compensation, and a sharply climbing stock prices.

“Unfortunately, the company has not shared its prosperity with the workers who have sacrificed to keep the company successful during COVID-19. That is why workers in Tunisia, France, and Morocco have no other choice than to take action.

“In Tunisia, by far the largest country in Teleperformance’s French speaking operation, the roughly 8,500 workers make a monthly base salary of €230—not enough to afford rent and food for many.

“Despite this poverty wage, Teleperformance has offered a zero percent pay increase to its Tunisian workforce. Along with a nearly 6 percent inflation rate, this stagnation amounts to a pay cut for workers who are already earning a subpar salary.

“In France, where many Teleperformance employees earn around the monthly minimum salary, the company is not offering a pay rise as well. Thousands of these employees are essential to the nation’s COVID-19 recovery, as they help schedule vaccinations, and some are having to use their own equipment to do their jobs from home.

“The company’s shameful stinginess with workers sharply contrasts with the lavish compensation of CEO and President Daniel Julien. He stands for to receive a €4 million pay rise—to €17 million—if approved by investors. This is one of the highest pay packages in the CAC40.

“The UNI Teleperformance Trade Union Alliance calls on clients of Teleperformance and its large clients in these countries—Amazon France, Orange, SFR, Free, Canal+, the French government Covid vaccination service—to ensure that workers make a living wage, that they are rewarded for their dedication during the pandemic, and that they are not disciplined for exercising their trade union rights.”

Trade unions who are affiliates of UNI who will participate in the strike action are UGTT (Tunisia), CGT (France) and FO (France). UMT in Morocco will protest. Also participating in the strike is French union SUD. The French action is part of sectoral push to raise standards across companies, with strike action taking place at other companies such as Sitel and Comdata.

French company, Teleperformance is the largest contact centre employer globally, employing more than 380,000 workers in 80 countries. 


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