Who We Are

UNI Africa represents 760,000 workers in the skills and services sectors from 168 unions in 36 African countries. We are part of the 20-million strong UNI Global Union family.

Strategic Priorities

In line with the UNI “Breaking Through” global strategy 2010 – 2014, UNI Africa Global Union aims at building union power and influence in the workplace to ensure that all service employees are organised into strong unions and protected by collective agreements. We do this by working closely with UNI sector global unions and affiliated trade union organisations to:

  • Achieve trade union rights and decent work in targeted regional and global companies through social dialogue and negotiating global agreements.
  • Strengthen the organising capacity of affiliates so that they can building strong and independent unions, achieve recognition and facilitate union growth in the region.
  • Exert political and regulatory influence through active engagement on policy-making issues and regulatory frameworks at sub-regional, regional and global level.
  • Build strategic alliances with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), ITUC-Africa, Global Union Federations (GUFs) and civil society organisations on regional and global issues such as political and economic integration processes, human and trade union rights, democracy and good governance, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), equality in the workplace & society, campaigning for freedom from fear in countries facing political and economic oppression.


Executive Committee

UNI Africa Executive Committee




Statutes & Memorandum of Understanding