Jobs with Justice Recognized with Breaking Through Award at UNI Global Union Congress in Philadelphia

Jobs with Justice (JwJ), a prominent workers’ rights advocacy organization, received the Breaking Through Award at UNI Global Union’s Congress held in Philadelphia. The award recognizes JwJ’s exceptional contributions to empowering workers and promoting.

Erica Smiley, Executive Director of Jobs with Justice, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, stating: “Receiving this award From UNI Global Union is truly an honour and testament to the visionary labor, community, faith and student leaders who sought to build a network of nimble organizations and unions that would collaborate as equals around a shared vision for expanding organizing a collective bargaining power for everyone and a commitment to creative approaches that would match the experiences and conditions of the modern worker.”

The award was presented during the “Rising Together” Congress, which brought together union leaders, activists, and advocates from around the globe to discuss strategies for advancing workers’ rights and collective bargaining in the evolving landscape of work.

Christy Hoffman, General Secretary of UNI Global Union, congratulated JwJ for their impactful work, saying, “Jobs with Justice has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to uplifting workers’ voices and ensuring fair treatment. Their efforts align perfectly with the spirit of unity that UNI Global Union stands for.”

Jobs with Justice has been at the forefront of advocating for equitable wages, safe working conditions, and fair labour practices. With grassroots organizing, coalition building, and strategic campaigns, the organization has successfully contributed to policy changes that benefit workers at local, national, and international levels. JWj brings together labour, community, student, and faith voices at the national and local levels to win improvements in people’s lives and shape the public discourse on workers’ rights.

The Breaking Through Award not only celebrates JwJ’s accomplishments but also serves as a call to action for workers’ rights advocates to continue collaborating and innovating for a better future. The recognition highlights the importance of solidarity and collective action in addressing the challenges faced by workers in today’s rapidly changing world of work.



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