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Building Worker Power worldwide

We are a global union representing more than 20 million workers in the services sectors in 150 countries.



Global agreements and protocols securing the rights of millions of workers.



Millions of cleaners, care workers, postal employees, tech workers, professional athletes, printers, cashiers, security officers, and more organizing for decent jobs, better lives and just communities.



Workplace activists and union leaders trained on every continent to build a more powerful movement for social and economic justice.

Global Impact

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In a world where influence and wealth are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, UNI Global Union builds union power to improve workers’ lives everywhere. As a global union federation with affiliates in 150 countries, we use our collective strength to expand collective bargaining, advance social and economic justice, hold corporations accountable and transform an unfair global economy.

UNI has negotiated over 50 global agreements and protocols that have secured the rights of tens-of-millions-of workers worldwide. These agreements are vital tools to level the playing field between workers and multinational corporations, and they create frameworks for workers to organize and negotiate free from fear and intimidation. Many also establish global rights on issues like gender equality and workplace safety.

Global Agreements

UNI has negotiated over 50 global agreements and protocols with multinational companies and other bodies to secure and support workers’ rights throughout their operations. While all of these agreements establish and reinforce the right to organize and collectively bargain without fear or intimidation, many have been expanded to cover additional issues, such as discrimination, gender-based violence, occupational health & safety and remote work.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to build power and lift standards for working people through strong unions and effective collective bargaining. We can only achieve democracy at the workplace and beyond when workers shift the balance of power.

We are united for a sustainable and inclusive global economy, for democracy built upon a foundation of social and economic justice and for decent work for all. 

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