UNI Congress participants on what “Rising Together” means to them 

With the UNI Global Union World Congress just days away, participants sound off about what they are anticipating the most.  

One common response when asked what attendees looked forward to was simply “everything!” However, many others had more specific answers: 

“Inspiration! Meeting with friends and colleagues to see and hear that we all are, although in different situations and in different ways, working on a better life for all our members.” 

“To be surrounded by people from all over the world that share the same goals – that we rise together.” 

“We hope to gather as many positive experiences as possible so that we can later share within our union and in our country in general.” 

“Learning about organizing wins from other countries!” 

“Sharing experiences. Hearing how unions are carrying out collective bargaining despite the crisis.” 

“Feeling the power and possibilities when we stand together, and letting everyone know and feel that they are not alone!” 

“Getting together again after Covid.” 

It will be fantastic to be reunited with old friends and meet new ones. One respondent noted that “I haven’t been to a big congress before, I’m a little nervous.” But we hope those nerves will quickly be put at ease from the solidarity in the room and the shared purpose of building worker power.  

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