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Conference Presentations 

Conference presentations are available from here. Please use the password received in the email from the UNI Secretariat. 

Opening of the Conference 

Imbewu Marimba Community Band. 

Session 1: Workers Rising in Tech and Games 

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Syndicom, Switzerland Google page  

Unite the Union, United Kingdom, Google page  

Alphabet Workers Union – CWA, United States 

Google Korea workers form a union (April 2023) 

Updates from Google Korea Workers’ Union on their first collective agreement negotiations. 


Labor Neutrality Agreement between CWA and Microsoft in the United States (June 2022) 

Microsoft Korea Workers’ Union votes to strike over wages and disregard for workers’ sacrifice during pandemic (December 2021) 

Microsoft Global Labor Principles where the company announced neutrality towards union organizing (June 2022)  

Microsoft reaffirmed its commitment to the Global Labor Principles on unions (November 2023) 

ZeniMax Workers United on X (formally Twitter). 

ZeniMax Workers United-CWA Collective Bargaining Yields First-of-Its-Kind Tentative Agreement with Microsoft Over Use of AI in the Workplace (December 2023) 

Incorporating a group of outsourced contract workers into the union resulted in permanent employment and higher pay and condition. (December 2023) 

 New Wave of Tech and Games Organizing in the Nordics 

Unionen signs a collective agreement with games company Toca Boca 

Paradox and Unionen sign a collective agreement  

Avalanche Studios intends to enter into a collective agreement with Unionen and Engineers of Sweden union  

Unionen members are pursuing a collective agreement in Spotify 

 Session 2: Rising Together in Business Services 


 Global agreement between UNI and Teleperformance (December 2022) 

 Achievements on first anniversary of the global agreement between UNI and Teleperformance (December 2023) 

 Session 3: Technological Trends Reshaping Telecom Companies 

 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) 

 The AI for Good Global Summit will be held in Geneva on 30 and 31 May.  

 You can attend the AI for Good Summit in person by registering here. Please let us know if you plan to attend the AI for Good conference in Geneva, as UNI would like to coordinate with trade union colleagues who are attending. 

 You can attend conference sessions online for free by registering for a virtual pass here  

New Technologies in Telecoms and Greening the Sector- Social Dialogue with Employers in Europe. 

Accelerating Sustainability in Telecoms project with the employers’ association ETNO 

Session 4: Health and Safety 


Orange health and safety global agreement  

Video games 

The Video Game Industry, A Resource for Organizers provides an overview for unions wishing to support workers organizing in the sector (June 2022) 

Third-Party Violence 

Breaking the Circle  

Eliminating Violence and Harassment.   

Session 7: The Impact of New Technology on the World of Work. 

Generative AI and Jobs 

Generative AI and Jobs: Policies to Manage the Transition which you can download from the ILO website in English, French and Spanish. 

Trends in Collective Bargaining around Technology 

Union Collective Bargaining Agreement Strategies in Response to Technology (December 2020)  

Negotiating Workers’ Rights at the Frontier of Digital Workplace Technologies in 2023 (December 2023) 

CWA AI Principles and Recommendations 2023 

CWA AI Principles and Recommendations (December 2023) 

Algorithmic Management Systems and Collective Bargaining in Europe 

The database of European collective agreements on AI / algorithmic management. (March 2024) 

A report that provides a summary of the trends found  in the database of bargaining around AI in Europe. (March 2024)  

AI and algorithmic management systems in place in European service sectors – a guide for negotiators. (March 2024) 

You can watch the launch event for the database and reports here (March 2024) 

UNI Global Union – Algorithmic Management: Opportunities for Collective Action. (May 2023) 

 AI in the Workplace Online Course 

 Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace – Three module online course from Norwegian unions NITO and Negiotia.