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  • Application End Date: 7 July, 2023

Job Specification

UNI Global Union is seeking a Head of Care to assist the UNI Care sector with:

Growing unions, improving working conditions, achieving better regulations and building global labour relations with the leading multinationals in the sectors.

UNI Global Union is a global trade union federation that represents 20 million skills and services workers in 150 countries around the world. Headquartered in Nyon, Switzerland, UNI has four regional offices in Brussels, Johannesburg, Uruguay and Singapore.  

Our mission is to build power for working people through strong unions and effective collective bargaining. We know that when workers organize into unions, they win fairer pay, dignified retirement and respect on the job. With our Breaking Through strategy, UNI works to:

  • Grow unions through organizing
  • Build power within multinational companies
  • Protect and expand collective bargaining
  • Hold corporations and governments accountable


Workers’ rights are human rights and we fight for the freedom to organize and bargain collectively to improve the lives of working people. We stand up for the principles of equality, democracy, solidarity, racial, social and environmental justice, and peace. If you believe in trade unions and share our values, take a look at our job opportunities below.

Equal opportunities

UNI is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds in our commitment to create an inclusive workplace for all.