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Service workers everywhere are uniting for dignity and their right to join a trade union. UNI Global Union’s Organizing Fund is crucial to making this happen. The fund supports over 70 campaigns and projects, 100 organizers and our organizing centres worldwide. It directly sustains our ability to run successful campaigns across all sectors and regions.

Your contribution is vital

Since opening the fund up to individual donors at our 2023 Congress, the role of personal donations has become increasing important. Your support grows workers’ capacity to organize where it matters most – Amazon in the global south, call centres in Colombia and El Salvador, content moderators in Kenya, hospitals and community care sites in Nepal, commerce workers in Slovenia, and beyond.

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We rely on the voluntary contributions of member unions and individuals like you. Your support can drive workers' next victory. Don’t wait – make a difference today.

Stand with workers everywhere. Your donation to UNI’s Rising Together Organizing Fund is more than a donation; it’s an action for global change.

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