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About UNI Global Union

With staff and partners throughout the world, UNI Global Union brings together workers from over 150 different countries in the service economy to win better jobs and better lives. UNI helps workers build power by growing unions through organizing; protecting and expanding collective bargaining; and holding corporations and governments accountable to workers, not just an elite few.

UNI is pushing for a shift in power from multinational corporations to the cleaners, care workers, postal employees, IT specialists, professional athletes, printers, cashiers, security officers, bank tellers, call centre employees, screenwriters, and millions of other workers we represent.

This shift is vital for ensuring that democratic workplaces lead to more democratic societies.

Building worker power

Securing workers’ rights is the foundation of building workers’ power.

To date, UNI has signed over 50 global agreements and protocols with multinational companies and other stand that establish and reinforce workers’ rights to organize and collectively bargain without fear or employer opposition. Many of these agreements also tackle key issues like promoting equality, ending gender-based violence, establishing health and safety committees as well as addressing remote work policies.

UNI’s organizing fund and organizing centres are successfully building unions, growing union capacity and expanding collective bargaining around the globe.

UNI’s dozens of global alliances—coalitions of unions representing workers at multinational employers—are an essential platform for workers to collectively improve conditions and enforce standards.

UNI is the voice of service workers at the global level at international bodies like the ILO, G20 and the OECD.

UNI is one of the founders and negotiators of the International Accord for Health and Safety in the Garment and Textile Industry, a breakthrough, legally-binding agreement which ensures safe work for millions of garment workers.

Through concerted, international action with our member unions and civil society allies, UNI is taking on some of the most daunting challenges facing working people—inequality, precarious work, a just transition, and the closing of democratic spaces— and we can win only through rising together across the world to demand change.

Our Team

With expertise in organizing, research, policy, communications and beyond, the UNI team is committed to growing the international movement for social and economic justice.


Representing unions in diverse industries, UNI's sectors share the common mission of securing workers' rights through collective bargaining.


UNI's cross-sector groups create a more inclusive, diverse union movement as well as address workers' issues that cut across specific sectors, for example for professionals and managers. UNI's SCORE works with unions in all UNI industries to grow capacity and organize.


UNI Global Union operates across countries and continents to unite, empower and give a voice to workers in the services industries around the world.