20th UNI Apro ICTS Committee Meeting, 28-29 August 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam


20th UNI Apro ICTS Committee Meeting, 28-29 August 2018, Hanoi, Vietnam

The 20th UNI Apro ICTS Committee Meeting has been held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 28-29 August 2018, attended by 39 participants from 12 countries, 3 guests and 9 from secretariat. It was chaired by Bro Minao Noda, President of UNI Apro ICTS and President of ICTJ Japan. Bro Chu Van Binh, President of Vietnam National Union of Information and Communication Workers (VNUICW) welcomed all participants of the committee meeting.

The meeting mainly discussed on MNC Organising in Telenor, Axiata, Ericsson in Apro region, IT Organising, P&M as well as updated reports from some countries. It also discussed on the future workforce strategy in the waves of globalisation under the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The meeting developed strategic response to address these challenges and ensure decent jobs in a digital society. The forum agreed unanimously on an action plan for the continuation to support organizing in Telenor, Axiata and Ericsson subsidiaries in Asia Pasific region.

Forum also agreed to develop creative organizing strategy directed at women, freelancers, and crowd workers; addressing challenges such as work-life balance, long-time working hours, anytime-anywhere work in the ICTS sector.

One resolution has been adopted, i.e Statement on Oracle Korea Workers Union Struggle.

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