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Postal workers keep people connected around the world, whatever the address and wherever the location. Arguably the pioneers of the world’s first social network, postal workers have long been more than letter carriers. In the good times and the bad, through global pandemic or natural disaster, you can count on postal workers to deliver your mail, parcels, medicine and more. Now, more than ever, we depend on postal workers to meet our needs. Here are five reasons why postal workers are essential:

  • Postal workers boost community power. COVID-19 has shown that post is a lifeline to communities and individuals in times of turmoil. During lockdowns, postal workers played essential roles in maintaining communication, continuing commerce and administering social benefits. The regularity of postal delivery contributed to a sense of normal life even in the irregular times of lockdown.
  • Postal workers deliver more than mail. The post delivered new services during the pandemic, such as medicine in Costa Rica; homework assignments in France; and student laptops in Portugal and the United States. In Italy, the post carried pension payments while postal workers in Japan checked on the old and vulnerable. The post is uniquely positioned to adapt and react to through its extensive network
  • Parcels need postal workers. Postal workers went above and beyond the call of duty during the pandemic, putting in the extra hours to carry a record 110 billion parcels as online shopping boomed. Thanks to the parcel delivery guaranteed by workers, many small businesses survived the pandemic by developing and expanding their e-commerce channels.
  • Post creates good jobs. The postal sector employs more than 5.3 million workers around the globe and is the second biggest employer in many countries. That’s why it’s so important to have high quality jobs and well-trained workers to keep the post ready to meet society’s needs in times of crisis and beyond.
  • People love postal workers! Postal workers are popular around the world! In the United States, for example, the post is the country’s number 1 favourite government entity and trust in post is high. With 650,000 outlets globally, the postal network touches us all.