Today marks the 6th anniversary of the dissolution of the Union of Workers and Employees of Prosegur Paraguay S.A., SITEPROPASA and the massive dismissal of 327 workers of Prosegur Paraguay and their families, who were left on the street without a job and with no answers.

Following the promise of the company and of the Labour Minister governing at the time,  the workers reported to their jobs on July 30, 2012, with assigned shifts. To their surprise, the workers were locked up without their representatives or their legal advisors to force them to sign a work termination agreement with the threat of a declaration of “strike illegality”. Subsequently the company withdrew the declaration and used this as a coercive  instrument. Order of events click here

UNI Global Union has denounced many times the anti-union behaviour of the Spanish multinational and the violation of human rights towards its workers, filing complaints with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the ILO. In August 2017, the OECD National Contact Point in Spain urged Prosegur to investigate the “due diligence in its Latin American branches” in relation to human rights, in response to a complaint filed by UNI, alleging a culture of extreme hostility against the rights of workers, including the case of Paraguay, as well as Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

UNI Americas reaffirms its commitment to SITEPROPASA and Prosegur workers throughout the region, to continue to denounce these policies and human rights violations in Latin America.


UNI Americas