Amazon Fresh workers in Italy demand better working conditions amid labour unrest


Amazon Fresh workers in Italy demand better working conditions amid labour unrest

Amazon Fresh workers in Italy are escalating their demands for improved labour conditions, workers in cities like Rome, Milan, Turin, and Bologna advocate for essential rights such as paid breaks and longer working hours to address low wage concerns. The unrest comes amid growing tensions in Amazon Fresh’s Italian warehouses, where workers and union members are calling for immediate action to resolve ongoing disputes.

According to union representatives from Filcams CGIL, the crux of the matter revolves around two primary issues: the refusal by Amazon Fresh to grant a 10-minute paid break during the standard 6-hour shift and the demand for an extension of part-time contracts that currently contribute to substandard salaries for the workforce. The situation has led to widespread dissatisfaction among employees, culminating in a full-day strike this Monday to draw attention to their plight.

We’ve been in continuous dialogue with Amazon Fresh, pushing for basic rights that would ensure the well-being of our workers,” said Gerry Mongello of Filcams-CGIL Milano , one of the unions representing Amazon Fresh employees in Italy. “It’s disheartening to see our reasonable demands for a mere 10-minute break and fair working hours dismissed outright.”

The union’s efforts to negotiate have been met with resistance, prompting a more assertive stance from the workforce. In addition to the primary issues, other concerns such as shift work, heavy goods handling, and health and safety standards are also on the table, further complicating the ongoing disputes.

Mathias Bolton, UNI Global Union´s Head of Commerce stated, “The workers at Amazon Fresh in Italy are standing up for their fundamental rights, and it’s crucial that their voices are heard. A 10-minute break is not just a matter of rest; it’s about respect and recognizing the hard work these employees put in every day.”

Amazon Fresh’s labour practices have come under scrutiny in the past, and the current unrest in Italy highlights a broader issue within the company’s global operations. As negotiations continue, the outcome will not only affect the employees in Italy but could also set a precedent for workers’ rights across Amazon’s international network.



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