In a significant development for labour relations in the United Kingdom, Amazon could be legally forced to recognize a UK trade union for the first time. This potential for recognition follows a concerted organizing effort by the GMB Union, which has formally demanded recognition.  

The development comes in the wake of massive worker mobilization spanning over a year that boosted union membership at Amazon’s Coventry facility. The GMB is confident that they have surpassed the legal threshold for recognition, notwithstanding Amazon’s long-standing campaign to squash union organizing.  

Union recognition would require Amazon to seat down with GMB regarding critical issues such as pay, worker safety, and employment conditions. Amanda Gearing, a senior organizer at GMB, articulated the union’s stance: “It’s been legal gymnastics from Amazon in their attempt to smash drives for union recognition. But instead of being beaten, Amazon workers in Coventry have recruited their colleagues into the union in record numbers.” 

Moreover, the push for unionization at Amazon UK is part of a broader global movement. In November, GMB united with international unions to stage strikes and protests on Black Friday, under the “Make Amazon Pay” banner. This global campaign co-convened by UNI Global Union underscores the widespread demand for better working conditions and fairer treatment of Amazon employees worldwide. 

“Coventry could be a gamechanger,” said Mathias Bolton, UNI Global Union´s Head of Commerce. “The collective strength of workers and their commitment to securing fair treatment and equitable working conditions are admirable. We stand in solidarity with GMB and the courageous Coventry workers who are making waves across the globe.” 



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