UNI Global Union stands in full solidarity with the Austrian care workers who could go on strike to demand a 35-hour workweek as soon as February 10th.

“The global labour movement will stand shoulder to shoulder with our Austrian brothers and sisters as they get ready to hit the streets and defend their livelihoods,” said Adrian Durtschi UNI Global Union’s Head of Care.

The employers’ refusal to discuss the possibility of a 35-hour week for the 125,000 employees in the private nursing, health and social sector in Austria is forcing the Austrian Trade Unions GPA-djp and vida to call a strike. In Vienna, a rally will take place on February 5th at Stephansplatz.

Michaela Guglberger, the negotiator for the trade union Vida explains: “If the employers want to fight the nursing crisis, they would do well to make the industry more attractive. The 35-hour workweek is the right way to do it.” 

“Employers are totally refusing to talk about the 35-hour workweek. Next week, we’ll be preparing to go on warning strikes right after the next round of negotiations on February 10,” said Eva Scherz, the negotiator for the union GPA-djp.

Support our Austrian brothers and sisters and sign this online petition for the 35 hour week.



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