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On the final day of the UNI World Congress, affiliates rose to say thank you to Ann Selin who has been President of UNI Global Union for four years.

Despite suffering from cancer, Selin has provided brilliant leadership throughout her presidency at a time of transition.

Selin said she was delighted to be passing the presidency into Ruben’s capable hands. She spoke about the journey UNI had been on through its congresses, from ‘Imagine’ in Chicago, to Breaking Through in Nagasaki, ‘Including You’ in Cape Town and now ‘Making it Happen’ in Liverpool. And now onward to Toronto to 2022 under the inspiring leadership Christy Hoffman!

The whole UNI family showed their deep appreciation of  Selin’s four year period as president.

Ruben Cortina, the thrice elected President of UNI Americas was unanimously voted in as the new  president of UNI Global Union, after many colleagues from all regions spoke from the stage in support.

The new GS, Hoffman gave fulsome praise for both Selin and Cortina’s contribution over the years to the UNI cause.

In his acceptance address, Cortina made clear that he shared Hoffman’s vision for UNI.

A strong advocate of Breaking Through, Cortina is equally dedicated to global union work as he is to his beloved Argentina. Cortina is the embodiment of the UNI spirit of enterprise and energy. A gifted orator, he has shown his astuteness, passion and dedication to the UNI cause over four decades.