Leading a coalition of workers’ organizations, CONATRACOPS, a union representing commerce employees in Chile, has established the Chilean Commerce Workers Alliance (ATCOMER).

The alliance launched a coordinated campaign earlier this month to protect workers in the commerce sector and their families from an increase in violence. have restricted public transit. Workers say they have encountered more aggression from customers since the beginning of the pandemic as well as risk their safety work due to pandemic-related security protocols which

This campaign has publicly raised the consideration of the basic needs of workers as the right to protection and security. Presenting the dramatic testimonies of women workers who have been victims of violent crimes, while they return home from the workplace during the pandemic, without safe transportation and in full curfew.

“With the support of UNI Americas, CONATRACOPS is leading the way on improving the quality of life of workers in commerce, especially women, who make up 70 per cent of the sector, and their families. This is a historic push for justice for women who have been violated, harassed, assaulted. We cannot allow them to continue putting their lives at risk simply for doing their jobs,” said Claudio Sagardías, president of CONATRACOPS.

Among the main asks of this campaign, ATCOMER is demanding to maintain the closure of the commerce in Chile at 7:00 p.m., as it was during the first phase of the pandemic.

With the slogan “Our families and our security are also essential,” the alliance intends to reach out to retail companies, consumers, and governmental agencies push for a law that closes stores at a time that allows working women and commerce workers in general to get home safely.


UNI Americas