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On Monday June 11th, 2018 a delegation of union representatives from DXC Belgium was received by the representatives of all five French trade union confederations, supported by the chair of their European Works Council Linda Perkal.

They gathered at the Carpe Diem building in La Defense which is the South region HQ of DXC, to distribute leaflets, denouncing the ruthless behaviour of DXC management in Belgium and restating the demands of the Belgium employees expressed during their national strike on 30th of March this year. In March, DXC management started a process of legally questionable layoffs, explicitly, targeting workers over 45 years of age.

DXC bypassed the Belgium legal framework, and the previously signed collective agreement.  DXC announced that they will continue to operate this way in the coming years. DXC management continues to refuse all dialogue with the employees and their representatives on this matter.

Dialogue between the different national union representatives, has shown, that Belgium is just a test case, fitting entirely the international strategy of DXC. We see clear evidence that employees all over Europe are experiencing actions based on the same lack of social responsibility. The variances are going from a lack of caring over disrespect for employees to blunt, legally highly questionable actions regardless of legacy company of origin (CSC or HPES).

Although management tries to avoid any meaningful dialogue at European level, employee representatives of the different member states, are using all networking means possible to bring DXC management back to respecting the law and their workforce.

The ‘Paris’ action is an open invitation to all workers and their representatives to join forces in turning this company around for the benefit of all stakeholders.