Ericsson unionists strengthen network in South and South East Asia


Ericsson unionists strengthen network in South and South East Asia

The Ericsson trade union network of South and South East Asia met in New Delhi on 1 June to discuss the trade union situation, challenges and critical issues faced by workers at Ericsson plants in the region.

Aiming to strengthen trade union networks at the telecommunications multinational in South and South East Asia, union representatives from Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Sweden along with representatives from IndustriALL Global Union and UNI Global Union met in New Delhi.

Karin Aberg, from Swedish affiliate Unionen, provided an overview of how the Ericsson European works council (EWC) works, and said: “Proactive engagement in Ericsson EWC is key to defending workers rights in Europe. We extend solidarity to Ericsson workers around the world in their efforts in defending workers rights.”

When explaining the network’s strategic plan, Kan Matsuzaki, IndustriALL director for ICT, Electrical and Electronics sector said: “Ericsson trade union network is a key initiative at the global level. While Ericsson is one of the progressive employers, we are still witnessing the cases of union busting, hurdles for freedom of association and rampant precarious work at various levels including at Ericsson’s suppliers. We are looking to empower unions and ensure common rights and standards globally.”

Participants agreed on the cross-border cooperation and solidarity actions to develop organizing strategy in respective countries and decided to explore the possibility for effective use of Global Deal to achieve decent work for Ericsson workers in the region.

The Ericsson trade union network was formed in April 2016, aiming to bring unions together in a network to address global challenges, engage with the company in global dialogue, support union organizing and collective bargaining efforts, and ensure respect for workers’ rights.

This story was originally published on IndustriALL’s web site.

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