By enacting an Essential National Industries Decree the Government of Fiji restricted the functioning of trade unions in the country. All collective agreements and awards negotiated by the unions were frozen and The banking industry was included as an essential industry.

Fiji was the venue for the 52nd annual ADB meeting. For the first time, a Pacific Island nation hosted an international event a gathering of over 2000 delegates in Nadi, capital of Fiji. UNI Apro Finance facilitated union officials from the region to participate at the ADB meeting events in Nadi. FBFSEU nominated eleven of their Executive committee members to the ADB meeting events.

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Amidst the trying circumstances, Fiji Bank and Financial Services Employees’ Union (FBFSEU) continue to serve its members to safeguard rights and dignity at the workplace. Since the banks are now open for dialogue the union has managed to reinstate and renew collective agreements and commenced reorganizing the union said; Sailesh Naidu National Secretary of FBFSEU.

In conjunction with the ADB meeting events Jayasri Priyalal – UNI Apro Finance Regional Director facilitated a workshop organized by FBFSEU for UNI Apro Finance participants to the ADB meeting events on the theme “Digitalization: Impact on Jobs in Finance Sector” 

Epeli Rabua President of FBFSEU welcomed all participants to the workshop and the Fiji Bank Union hosted a dinner for the UNI Apro Finance participants in the workshop.

Powerpoint presentation made at the workshop is linked to the related files to this article 



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