FMC Korea Union secures first collective bargaining agreement with German multinational Fresenius


FMC Korea Union secures first collective bargaining agreement with German multinational Fresenius

This week, the FMC Korea Union announced a historic new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with Fresenius FMC. The first of its kind, this agreement is set to improve Korean workers’ lives, guaranteeing union rights and better working conditions for FMC workers in South Korea. 

The new CBA provides a stable framework built on fair wages, benefits, occupational safety, health, and human rights at work including protection from harassment and gender equality. It also secures the right to organize by allowing union activists to exercise their union rights on “company time”.  

“So many years of struggle are finally paying off for our brothers and sisters of FMC Korea,” said UNI Global Union Deputy General Secretary Alke Boessiger. “Our UNI family is looking forward to continue supporting and building a Korean labor movement that is proud and effective.”

“Fresenius FMC Korea’s success marks another positive milestone for the labour movement in Korea and hopefully will also inspire the brothers and sisters in other part of Asia and the world,” said UNI APRO Regional Secretary, Rajendra Acharya. 

The CBA was celebrated as an inspiring moment for union strength, but also a moment to show appreciation for the extensive support received from allies such as UNI Global Union and the Korea Democratic Pharmaceutical Workers Union (KDFU). The FMC Korea Union thanked Korean lawmaker Lee Yong-Deuk for his role, as well as UNI Global Union President Ruben Cortina and Deputy General Secretary Alke Boessiger for providing a final push to sign the agreement with their union actions earlier this year.

“This agreement is historic and will make a huge difference to workers on the ground,” said Brother Kim Kyu-Nam President of the FMC Korea Union.  

The agreement sets clear rules for overtime work and provides workers with a groundbreaking benefits package ranging from KRW1,5 million per year to KRW10 million.


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