The Health Services Workers’ Union of Ghana (HSWU – Ghana) which in the last few years has been mobilizing its organizers and members to make major breakthroughs in the private hospital and elderly care sectors, building on their strength in the public and faith-based care sector. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, HSWU provided Personal Protective Equipment for its members and began campaigning for improved safety provisions and better working conditions. 

“HSWU Ghana is leading the way in Africa and promoting the kind of trade unionism that puts workers first,” said Keith Jacobs Regional Secretary of UNI Africa. “We look forward to continue supporting our brothers and sisters from Ghana and across the region.”

UNI Africa has supported the union for the last three years and provides regular trainings and strategical advice on organizing. During the pandemic, the union developed its digital organizing methods and was able to grow by more than 1000 members. HSWU also negotiated an 8% wage increase for its members. 

The UNI Global Union Breaking Through Award recognizes these outstanding achievements and acknowledges that HSWU’s hard work during the pandemic leaves it well placed to continue to grow.

UNI’s Breaking Through Awards recognize unions who have built union strength through innovative organizing campaigns in the face of adversity. The other winners this year include the SDA in Australia, CUPW in Canada, and HK Privat in Denmark. 


UNI Africa