Global solidarity brings raises, union protections to Moroccan postal worker


Global solidarity brings raises, union protections to Moroccan postal worker

Following a show of international solidarity from UNI Global Union and our affiliates that brought the government back to the table, the Moroccan postal workers represented by FNPL-UMT have ratified a new agreement that brings them a US$50 a month raise and added union protections.

After a weekend of talks, the union and management at Poste Maroc reached a provisional agreement on the night of 17 January, bringing an end to an 11-day strike. The ratified accord allows for a wage raise of US$50 and an increase in performance benefits among other gains.  

The workers began strike action following a barrage of anti-union behaviour by Poste Maroc that included: demoting 20 workers on account of their union activities; regularly sanctioning trade union representatives to instill fear among workers; and transferring trade union officials to hinder their union involvement. 

Poste Maroc has continued to harass union members during the strike, in some cases threatening striking workers with dismissal and reducing their bonuses by 50 per cent. 

UNI Post & Logistics initiated a solidarity campaign in support of the striking postal workers, calling on members to write to the King, the government and the management at Poste Maroc on their behalf. 

UNI Africa Regional Secretary Keith Jacobs said: 

“Our Moroccan affiliate, FNPL-UMT, has the support of UNI and postal unions worldwide as they negotiate a fair agreement for workers. We salute postal workers in Morocco who bravely took strike action to increase salaries, improve working conditions and fight back against union-busting at Poste Maroc.” 

Highlights of the agreement : 

  • It allows unions to closely monitor the implementation of procedures regarding the creation of social dialogue committees at regional and national level. 
  • Postal workers are granted a productivity bonus increase for both 2021 semesters. 
  • Union rights are reinforced. 
  • Union leader and union officials previously demoted are reinstated in their initial position 
  • The unfairly deducted portion of the performance bonus for the last half of 2020 will be refunded to the postal workers. 
  • Poste Maroc will massively recruit to compensate the lack of postal workers. 

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