Healthcare unions from across the continent discuss the future of the care systems


Healthcare unions from across the continent discuss the future of the care systems

The National Care Systems Forum opens today in Mexico City with the participation of UNI Global Union affiliates, government and civil society representatives.

For three days, unions from all over the Americas will exchange experiences on the reality of the sector in each country and present the work developed in those countries that are leading the way, laying the foundations for care systems that provide high quality care and attention to the elderly, children and adults with functional diversity.

Dr. Norma Liliana Rodriguez, President CEN SNTISSSTE said: “The work of health caregivers needs to be recognized and rewarded to provide reliable services and ensure a healthy life for those we care for in society. This meeting will be instrumental in shedding light on the working conditions that prevail, and will set a roadmap to work towards building and strengthening integrated care systems in our countries”.

There are several examples where unions and governments have built alliances for regulated health systems around training and quality, promoting gender equity and reducing inequality and poverty, and organizing in unions with access to collective bargaining.

Miguel Zubieta, President UNI CARE: “With leadership from governments and building on experience from around the world, we can build publicly funded home care systems that deliver high quality. As a global union, we want care systems that ensure that workers are formalised, organized and trained, and thus achieve a national care system that responds effectively to the realities of today’s world.

The event will take place from 15-17 November and will be broadcast in Portuguese, English and Spanish.