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Democracy is about more than the freedom of speech, it is about the freedom to have a say. Core to that is the ability of people to get together to improve their conditions and claim a fair share of the value they create.

Over 1200 people from across the world who have written to the CEO of DPD Switzerland. By standing with the five drivers who have been stripped of their jobs in a blatant act of union-busting, they are helping push back against attempts to quash people’s democratic right to unionise.

Join your voice to the call and click here to tell DPD Switzerland to ensure the 5 unfairly dismissed trade unionists are reinstated.

These five young drivers are not alone. With their union Unia, they have rallied widespread support. Driving through the towns of the region, you see solidarity messages on road sides and draped across bridges. This is a working community where people know right from wrong. As messages of solidarity keep coming in, international solidarity is playing an important role too.

This case is emblematic of how the postal and logistics sector is on the front line of the battle for decent conditions and democracy at work. DPD Switzerland is using the excuse that the workers are technically employed by a subcontractor to wash their hands of any employer responsibility.

It is time to set things straight. The massive growth of DPD globally (+42% in 2020 and +15% in 2021) and its profits of over €1 billion per year is thanks to its workers. These workers wear DPD uniforms, drive DPD vans and deliver exclusively for DPD. They deserve their fair share.

However, by outsourcing to tiny companies and forcing intense competition amongst them, DPD is squeezing workers ever harder. Using subcontracting as a legal loophole to push substandard conditions and turn a blind eye to union busting is not good enough.

The moment to act is now. By piling on further public pressure and showing the top management that the world is watching, we can turn the tide. Member of the European Parliament Leila Chaïbi has joined her voice to the call, you can too. Join the solidarity action to urge the top management of DPD Switzerland to ensure their reinstatement and respect trade union rights.

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