Last week in Tunisia, hundreds of thousands of public sector workers staged a walk-out demanding better wages in light of growing inflation and deteriorating purchasing power.

Protestors also called for an alternative to the IMF-prescribed government plans for austerity and greater protection for public services threatened by privatization.

UNI affiliate UGTT called the strike which was observed by 90% of workers and saw over 650,000 public sector workers walk out on their jobs. Workers protested outside parliament buildings in the centre of the capital, Tunis. The UGTT is calling for a second strike on January 17, 2019.

Deputy General Secretary of UNI Global Union, Alke Boessiger said, “We stand in full solidarity with Tunisian workers and the UGTT striking for fair pay and conditions!”

“Tunisian workers deserve a pay rise in line with inflation and must be treated with respect.”

UNI Africa