Since the end of 2017, the Weinstein scandal and the #metoo movement highlighted in a dramatic way the scale of bullying and sexual harassment across society, and in our sector in particular.

If gender equality had been on the agenda of unions for many years already, this was definitely a wake-up call that lead to a number of targeted actions, within unions and in partnership with employers and/or other relevant stakeholders.

From membership surveys to specific publications and support systems, unions affiliated to UNI – media, entertainment and arts reacted promptly and developed useful tools such as the BECTU/PROSPECT Workplace Guide to Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the UK or the MEAA Fact Sheet in Australia.

Unions were also the drivers beyond sector initiatives that led to the adoption of shared principles (UK), the setup of a joint commission and the adoption of priority actions for the future (Sweden), the launch of hotlines and/or new organisations aimed at ensuring safer work places but also at correcting power imbalances in the longer run  (Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark).

Information on such initiatives is currently being collected by UNI MEI in the context of a project co-funded by the European Commission and implemented with sister organisations and employers’ associations in the Audiovisual sector. If you would like to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The upcoming meeting of the UNI MEI Executive Committee in Toronto, 1 and 2 October will allow for trade union leaders to exchange on the various actions taken and discuss common strategies to effectively combat sexual harassment and violence in our global industry.