KHMU President Na Sun-Ja Continues Hunger Strike at Youngnam University Hospital


KHMU President Na Sun-Ja Continues Hunger Strike at Youngnam University Hospital

UNI Global Union stands in solidarity with Na Sun-Ja, the President of the Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union (KHMU) who entered the 13th day of an indefinite hunger strike at Youngnam University Hospital today to demand the reinstatement of Park Moon-Jin and Song-Young Sook, two union activists fired in 2006.

The hospital, which hired the notoriously anti-union firm Creation Consulting Company, has resisted multiple calls to reinstate Park Moon-Jin and Song-Young Sook.

Despite the anti-union climate at Youngnam Hospital, Park Moon-Jin and Song-Young Sook have continued their advocacy for union rights. Last July, the activists climbed up to the roof-top of the hospital building to demand their reinstatement. Over the last six months, they have taken their protest 70 meters up high with no electricity, light, water, toilets or food, suffering innumerable hardships including record-high temperatures in summer, a typhoon, strong winds and freezing cold winter days.

Many union leaders from the region and other industries are showing support for fired workers.

“Union-busting actions are against the Constitution, while clearly being criminal. Nonetheless, the Medical Center has not admitted its illegal actions or apologize. They even reject the arbitration proposal suggested by the arbitrator who they themselves nominated. I will never stop this hunger strike and continue to fight with 70,000 KHMU members and comrades at the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions until the day when the fired worker gets back to work,” said Na Sun-Ja.



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