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Making it Happen: UNI welcomes historic CBA for Romania’s financial sector


Making it Happen: UNI welcomes historic CBA for  Romania’s financial sector

25,000 bank workers covered by first of its kind sectoral collective bargaining agreement in Romania’s financial sector

UNI Europa and UNI Global Finance welcome the signing today of a sectoral collective bargaining agreement between UNI affiliate the FSAB, the Romanian Trade Union Federation for Bank and Insurance Workers and management.

This historic, first of its kind sectoral CBA in Romania’s financial sector, includes workers from Erste-BCR, BRD-GSG, Raiffeisen, UniCredit and ING banks. The agreement which  covers 25,000 of Romania’s 50,000 bank workers, was successfully negotiated by FSAB with the support of UNI Score.

Theses successful negotiations are a significant victory for workers, including  a substantial salary hike, an improved work schedule, better severance pay, more on-the-job training, increased holidays, and a larger retirement bonus.

Head of UNI Finance, Angelo Di Cristo, “Today we made it happen! We congratulate our Romanian union colleagues on this successful negotiation which will improve the lives of many of the workers in the Romanian banking sector. It shows the importance of sectoral collective bargaining to ensure that workers get a fair slice of the cake.”

UNI Europa Regional Secretary, Oliver Roethig said “Achieving the sectoral collective agreement is proof that trade unions are strong when they work together and support each other, even in countries were workers’ rights are weak. Trade unions will take this success as an encouragement to push for collective bargaining everywhere in Europe. Sectoral agreements are the basis for improving the living and working conditions of workers and for prosperity of our societies. Sectoral social partners are key element in guaranteeing our democracies and fighting populism. FSAB has shown the way.”

Di Cristo was at today’s signing ceremony along with FSAB President Paraschiv Constantin, who is seen here, centre left shaking hands.


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