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UNI Global Union will be Making It Happen in Liverpool, with almost 2500 top union leaders from around the world meeting today at the Echo Arena for the 5th UNI World Congress.
The Congress, running from June 17-20, will feature speakers such as:

  • Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party
  • Reverend John W. Barber II, President and Senior Lecturer of Repairers of the Breach
  • Dilma Rousseff, Former President of Brazil
  • Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC

For 4 years, UNI Global Union has been working closely with our UK affiliates in the preparations for what will be the largest single global union gathering in 2018. The Congress will bring together top union leaders from more than 110 different countries.

2018 is a year of milestones – 150 years since the founding of the British TUC, 100 years since suffrage in the UK and the birth of Nelson Mandela, 10 years on from Liverpool winning European Capital of Culture, and 70 years since the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 2018 also marks the year that UNI comes of age – 18 years from its founding in 2000, UNI has grown in to a global organisation with an international remit and world.

“Together we have dared to dream and turned UNI into an organisation that inspires others”, said UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings. “18 years later, we have grown in to a powerhouse in the global union movement, but our values remain the same – give workers a seat at the table, change the rules of the game, break through and make it happen.”
UNI Global Union’s World Congress will Make It Happen – building a Congress that motivates, moves and demonstrates our determination to grow our unions and break through for workers.