On Thursday June 28th, the National Women’s Network was launched in a brand-new meeting room of the Federation of Workers and Employees of Posts and Telecommunications of Argentina, FOECYT. More than 60 women from all over the country met to consolidate the National Network which seeks to confront gender issues and lead the fight towards equality in trade union structures.

The Secretary General of the Federation, Alberto Cejas, who is also the Vice-President of UNI Americas’ Post and Logistics sector, opened the meeting and expressed his strong commitment to break through against gender bias and promote growth of the National Network of Women. He also emphasized the will to implement policies favouring equal participation and inclusion. Cejas said, “This isn’t just a statement, the Federation is committed to implement all our policies. We need you to help us to help you, do not be afraid. This will be done organically – with the help of this network, we can make it happen for gender equality”.

Head of UNI Equal Opportunities Verónica Fernandez Mendez was present to promote the UNI campaigns which are empowering women around the world to break through. Fernandez Mendez explained the strong role of the forty percent women’s representation rule in all UNI structures, the Break the Circle campaign against violence, the fundamental need for affiliating more women in the union and training new leaders. Fernandez Mendez said that women are occupying more and more jobs in high positions in trade unions, “We are using these new positions to work together and protect our rights in a more unified manner.”

“This new network has been formed to sustain a society with more equality and justice. Together we can put words in to action, together we can make it happen!”

Equal Opportunities

UNI Americas