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New EWC agreement with Inditex – a further commitment to workers’ rights


New EWC agreement with Inditex – a further commitment to workers’ rights

Earlier this week, the Inditex Group which includes leading brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear signed up to a European Works Council (EWC) agreement. A European Works Council is an information and consultation forum representing employees in European multinational companies such as Inditex which is headquartered in Arteixo, Spain. The EWC Inditex is a positive step at European level for workers’ rights in the company which has already signed a global agreement with UNI Global Union in 2009.

UNI’s Head of Commerce, Mathias Bolton said, “In a company that is constantly evolving, this agreement is a significant development.  It will provide an invaluable tool for information and consultation on matters that affect all Inditex workers in Europe. This forum will complement the dialogue already established at global level by the global agreement between Inditex and UNI Global.”

The Inditex EWC will represent workers from both the stores and its logistics platform and is for four years. It was signed in the presence of  the Global HR of the Inditex group Pablo Frances, and Laila Castaldo, senior coordinator, from UNI Global Union’s Commerce sector.

The first official meeting of the EWC will be held in La Coruna in Spain at the beginning of 2019 and the agreement is for four years, and then automatically renewable. The EWC has 25 seats representing 22 countries. UNI Europa will have a significant mediating role.




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