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Pakistani postal workers strike to restore health and housing benefits


Pakistani postal workers strike to restore health and housing benefits

In a show of unity and power, all five Pakistani postal unions are on strike in the Balochistan Province.

The unions are protesting the Deputy Postmaster General there who is illegally disciplining workers by withholding necessary government assistance. Workers are not receiving their “house requisition allowance,” a payment from the government to subsidise lower incomes, as well as the reimbursement of their medical bills.

Today, marks the 6th day of the walkout.

Muhammed Ali, chief organizer from all Pakistan Postal DMO Employees in Quetta says: “The Deputy Postmaster General in Balochistan illegally used his power to create hurdles for postal workers. Our demand is to release these payments right now. We must stop the illegal disciplinary proceedings against the workers and instead transfer the Deputy Postmaster.”

UNI Global Union condemns this process of using monetary pressure to discipline postal workers.

“This official is playing with the livelihoods of the poorest in post. The housing requisition allowance and the reimbursement of medical costs are essential to the survival of these workers’ families,” says Cornelia Broos, Head of UNI Post&Logistics.

“UNI demands the immediate payment of this illegally blocked money in Balochistan. We support our postal unions in Pakistan in their fight for fair and respectful treatment of postal workers to ensure their rights and decent salaries.”


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