Hundreds of Amazon workers and trade unionists gathered outside Amazon’s Coventry distribution on Wednesday as a historic weeklong strike hits the halfway point.

Over 500 GMB members are on strike demanding a decent cost-of-living raise and angered by Amazon’s 50 pence per hour pay rise. “It’s sickening that Amazon workers in Coventry will earn just 8 pence above minimum wage in April 2023,“ said Amanda Gearing, GMB Senior Organiser. This rally is an opportunity for people to stand shoulder to shoulder with Amazon workers taking on one of the globes wealthiest companies. Amazon bosses can stop this industrial action by doing the right thing and negotiating a proper pay rise with workers.”

These GMB members made history on 25 January when they became the first Amazon workers in the country to strike. Workers want Amazon management to recognize their union and negotiate a fair wage, which they say is at least £15 per hour.The GMB, part of the UNI Amazon Global Union Alliance, has been a long-time advocate for improving working conditions at Amazon.

“The problems at Coventry are not limited to just one warehouse; they are global,” said Mathias Bolton Head of Commerce, UNI Global Union. “That is why workers around the world are standing in solidarity with these GMB members. Together, we will win. Together, we will make amazon pay a decent wage.”

Watch the strikers here and if you can support their strike fund.





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