As published in the international press on 22 July, there are rumours surrounding UniCredit’s upcoming strategic plan according to which the bank is evaluating whether to cut ten thousand jobs.

Since 2008 UniCredit has progressively cut more than 100,000 jobs, more than a third of which were in Italy, as a result of sales of assets and restructuring.

UNI’s Italian affiliates have been clear in their response to the rumours. General Secretary Lando Sileoni of FABI has been vocal in the Italian press saying that should the rumours be true the union would fight using whatever means necessary. Massimo Masi, leader of Uilca has also been quoted saying that this would be a hard battle and that his union would not agree to any such plan with so many job losses. First Cisl also commented; its General Secretary Riccardo Colombani observed that the news is even more grave given that the social partners are in collective bargaining negotiations to renew the national agreement. Fisac Cgil’s General Secretary Giuliano Calcagni has stated that the possibility of cutting this amount of jobs would be a violent act.

UNI Finance stands in solidarity with its affiliates in demanding clarity and serenity for UniCredit’s employees, the very persons who contribute to the success of the banking group.


UNI Europa