At beginning of January, the Argentine media and entertainment union and UNI affiliate, SATSAID launched strike actions targeting the broadcaster Telefé.

The union reacted to dismissals and plans by management for implementing a wider restructuring process. Two years ago, Telefé was bought by Viacom for 345 million dollars. Since then, the broadcaster has undergone several changes. Until now, pre-retirement plans and voluntary departures could be negotiated and layoffs could be avoided.

In a statement, released on the first day of action, the union demanded the reinstatement of dismissed workers and submitted a complaint to the Secretary of Labor, Employment and Social Security.

The Ministry reacted swiftly and imposed a compulsory conciliation procedure. The layoffs were rolled back. SATSAID continues to negotiate and to defend the rights and interests of its affiliates at Telefé.

Picture: Gerardo González, Secretary of International Relations of SATSAID addressing workers at rally in front of Telefé headquarters.

We say “Fuerza SATSAID, stay strong!”