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SATSAID tackles impact of Disney’s takeover of Fox in Argentina


SATSAID tackles impact of Disney’s takeover of Fox in Argentina

On April 16, all delegates and members of the company committees affiliated to SATSAID, the Argentine union for television, audiovisual and Internet services, which is representing workers across the Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries in Argentina, met to discuss the impact of the restructuring of the company and the purchase of Fox.

The members met together with representatives of SATSAID’s National Board of Directors and discussed the prospect of creating a unit and actions that allows for trade union initiatives aimed at strengthening the interaction among all workers that work directly or as freelance for Disney-owned companies.

In a statement released after this first national trade union alliance meeting, the union made clear that its objective was and will be the defence of the jobs and the working conditions obtained throughout all these years of constant dialogue with all the companies that are part of the Disney group. The union announced that from now on a single unit bringing together all representatives dealing with Disney companies will coordinate and negotiate the terms and conditions of workers represented by SATSAID. 

Television workers in Argentina are uniting to anticipate the challenges that this restructuring process is bringing in all the companies of the group and at the group’s headquarters. The creation of this unit is the starting point to consolidate the union work across all companies and allowing to exchange information and concerns that may be affecting all staff and freelancers working for Disney-owned companies in Argentina.

Reporting to colleagues of UNI MEI during the global working group on film and TV production Gerardo Gonzalez, SATSAID’s Secretary for international affairs underlined: “With this move, we are demonstrating once again, as throughout the whole history of the union, the importance of being a single force, under the same banner, that of the television workers.” 

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