Sharan Burrow at UNI World Congress: “We will fight and we will win!”


Sharan Burrow at UNI World Congress: “We will fight and we will win!”

At the UNI World Congress in Liverpool, Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation welcomed in a new era for UNI Global Union after the election of Christy Hoffman as General Secretary. Burrow also paid tribute to the legacy of outgoing General Secretary Philip Jennings.

“UNI is definitely making it happen,” said Burrow. “Christy is a great choice as General Secretary. She has organising in her veins – a great strategist and a great fighter. Christy is a sister, a friend ,and we will stand alongside her 100 %.”

“Years ago, I christened Philip Jennings as the chief global warrior, and today I say it again,” Burrow told over 2000 trade union delegates. “There are no issues you won’t confront, no boss you won’t take on for justice for workers. A leader, a friend, a mentor to all of us.”

Burrow had a message of defiance against the rise in misogyny, violence against women, racism and xenophobia. She urged trade union leaders to have an international outlook and tackle our shared challenges together.

“When we are frightened of each other, we are lost,” said Burrow. “We are fighting back and we know the solutions – organising and international solidarity. Building the power of working people to fight back against inequality and injustice.”

“Trade unions are here to stay. We will fight for a just world and we will win, with UNI Global Union as a key driver in our strong global movement. We will fight and we will win!”

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