Diana Vargas, president of the SINTRASALUDCOL Bogotá division, has been threatened with death recently. Through anonymous calls, their physical integrity and that of their family have been threatened, in addition to being intimidated for her union work with phrases such as: “Do not act on behalf of the workers of the Saludcoop Group and company, keep your mouth shut”.

In addition to being accused of guerrilla warfare and insulting her on more than one occasion, she has also noticed the presence of suspicious people in front of the residential complex where she lives, which has caused stress about the safety of her family.

She did go to the respective authorities to report the threats she has been the victim of, in the URI (Immediate Reaction Unit) of the Prosecutor’s Office of the town where she lives, she made a request for a protection measure to the National Police. However, she was only visited by police officers who told her that because of the seriousness of the case they would refer her to the Victims of Conflict Unit. From there I have not received any news from any authority and the Prosecutor sent her an email in which she was notified that “because there is no suspect in the threats they cannot follow up.”

UNI Americas rejects the response of the Prosecutor’s Office, since in the past the lack of response from the State has ended the life of social and union leaders. In a letter to the President Iván Duque, urges the Government to guarantee the full exercise of trade union activity and to protect the human rights of its the population which continue to be systematically violated.

UNI and its 20 million affiliates worldwide express their solidarity for Diana and her family.



UNI Americas