The community of cultural workers in Europe affiliated to UNI Europa, more than 70 unions and 200 000 workers, express their solidarity with VRT trade unions and workers on strike, and all those who campaign for a strong, independent VRT. A VRT of quality information, of quality entertainment and good working conditions.

We are concerned with the plans put forward by the Flemish government that curtail the autonomy of the VRT.  The latest actions of the government, the dismissal of CEO Lembrechts clearly shows its plan to silence the independent management of VRT to the detriment of good governance. The government is calling into question the impartiality of the public service broadcaster VRT and its programs.

UNI MEI issued today a statement of solidarity supporting the campaign against political interference by the Flemish government and the attempt of instrumentalization of the VRT. We join our colleagues at VRT in demanding that the political parties and their leaders take responsibility and provide the VRT with the necessary financial means. They must ensure its editorial independence and right of freedom of expression it requires to make independent and quality television, radio and online programmes for all citizens.