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South African bank workers prepare for national strike at Capitec


South African bank workers prepare for national strike at Capitec

SASBO, The Finance Union is currently preparing for a nationwide strike at Capitec Bank, the second largest retail bank in South Africa.

Capitec’s refusal to bargain over wages and other issues has pushed the union to ballot its members over the strike. The vote comes after a five-year organizing campaign where the union won recognition but the company has made numerous attempts to avoid the legal requirements to bargain in good faith with the union.

“We repeat our previous advice that the Leadership of Sasbo are intent on engaging the employer and on trying to find an amicable conclusion to the Collective Agreement,” SASBO, The Finance Union Assistant General Secretary Myan Soobramoney wrote to the more than 6,300 members at Capitec. “Under the circumstances, however, given the lack of commitment from the Bank to resolve this matter with the urgency it requires, we have decided to ballot our members for a national strike in Capitec Bank.”  

The balloting, happening by mail, will be completed by 20 March.

“Capitec is one of the fastest growing banks in the country, and workers deserve their fair share of the company’s success,” said Regional Director of UNI Africa Keith Jacobs. “We stand in solidarity with SASBO as they prepare to strike. The bank should stop staling with endless delay tactics, and listen to workers’ voices.”


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