Peruvian union SUTECA, affiliated to UNI Americas, and the Chilean gaming multinational Dreams Corporation reached an agreement last month to reinstated dismissed union leaders at Dreams’ casinos in Peru.

On DATE, the company, union and UNI Americas issued a joint statement outlining the importance recognizing and valuing the ability to “seek solutions to the different situations generated in labour relations.” The statement reaffirmed that “this [approach] must be the framework for future understanding.”.

“This agreement builds bridges through dialogue and allows us to outline common objectives for the union and the casino companies in Peru,” said Henry Olivera, Director of UNI Americas Gaming.

The statement also sets a precedent in the country. It demonstrates that social dialogue, the willingness of the companies and the capacity of the unions to act in a serious and responsible manner representing the interests of their affiliates can solve issues going forward.

“This is an agreement that calls for social dialogue for the resolution of future conflicts. It builds a relationship based on trust with the objective of continuing to generate spaces for the solution of problems,” added Marcio Monzane, Regional Secretary of UNI Americas.

UNI Americas also highlights the support of its affiliates in Chile, such as CONATRACOPS, and Peru, who accompanied this process from the beginning.