On September 20, Taiwan Culture Minister Cheng Li-chiun announced the Ministry’s decision to forming a Public Media Group as of next year, which will be governed by the Public Service Media Act.

One landmark of the Public Service Media Act is the improvement of participation rights unions in the governance including the nomination of and participation in the governance body of the group. The progress could be made thanks to a continuous dialogue between Ministry and four public media unions during the last two years. 

UNI MEI welcomes this development and applauds the unions’ tireless efforts to bring about change to the governance culture of public service media in Taiwan. The unions’ campaign for good governance and participations rights started several years ago when UNI affiliate TPTSEU reached out to UNI MEI for support. 

For the future, the unions want to use the new regulation as good practice and basis for establishing collective bargaining across the Public media Group and fostering the Confederation of Public Media Unions in Taiwan.

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